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Welcome to the Huntsville Center for Conscious Living. It is our intention that this site will continue to grow and evolve just as our church grows and evolves. If you have any comments or suggestions, or something you would like to see added, please feel free to drop us a line.

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  • David's Reflections

    Science of mind bears the same relation to religion that natural science bears to the laws of nature. It is a science of mental and spiritual phenomena, and as such it appeals to adherents of all religious beliefs, as well as to those who have no particular religious conviction; it appeals to all students of life.

    - Ernest Holmes

    DVD's Now Available

    You can now order DVD's of David's recent talks on DVD. More details...

    Living The Essential Self

    Now available is the guide book for day retreats. Because this series was such a huge success both spiritually and financially, we offer this material by popular request. As you enter into each lesson allow your visionary, spontaneous, and creative self to come alive. Use the exercises as described or modify them to fit your own unique needs. Read the description, or download the order form.

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